Cocina de La Sirena is many things to many people, but to all of Lubbock we want to be their favorite Tequila bar. Our tequilas range from Blanco to Reposado and Añejo, where Blancos are under 2 months old and Reposados are aged 2 months to less than 1 year. Añejos are aged a minimum of 1 year, typically in the same oak barrels as Reposados.

While tequila is made from the Blue Agave or Agave Tequilana, Mezcal can be made from any of the 200 subspecies of Agave plant in the family Agavaceae (now classified as Agavoideae) which includes 640 subspecies of Agave, including Yucca and Joshua Tree. Agave has a smokier, more complex flavor as a result and when mixed in traditional cocktails creates an entirely new experience that La Sirena invites you to embrace.

To read more about these and other agave bebidas, read our Culture/Agave page