We have the oldest family owned tequila in Mexico, (Azunia) The purest distillation of Tequila (Campeon) and other examples of the Highest quality organic Tequilas, Mezcals and Sotol.

Sotol is from the Chihuahua desert and has always had a bit of mystery surrounding it, continuing to an interesting turn in the taxonomy of the plant from which its made. Here's where we get a little help from the Mezcal PhD:

Sotol is made from the Dasylirion wheeleri, or Desert Spoon, and it is also known as the Sotol plant. Dasylirion wheeleri is stem succulent related to yucca and agave. It was formerly in the agave family but now is classified as a member of the Nolinaceae family according to The Succulent Plant Page (and many others). So to be clear, Sotol is NOT made from an agave, therefore, not technically a mezcal.

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